JCW’s ability to do good and save lives is directly determined by the support we get from the public. Schools and camps only accept our recommendations because they know the public supports us; rabbis and community leaders open their doors to us because they know we speak for many in their community; and we can only continue to do the lifesaving work we do, if we continue to receive ongoing and sustained financial support from YOU.

Donating to JCW may not get you a plaque on the wall, but when you contribute to our work, you KNOW that you are literally saving children’s lives and building safer communities.

The work we do is devastating; nobody wants to do it. Yet we have no choice; how can we sleep at night knowing that children and survivors are suffering, living a hell of unspeakable trauma and fighting memories of evil?! 

Partner with us! Become a JCW Monthly Champion! Let’s protect our children and fight this evil scourge... together!!

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